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Sensor Assembly and Calibration

Adaptive Cruise Control is an exciting new feature of automotive safety. Utilizing forward looking radar sensors to monitor anterior vehicle speeds, cruise control is automatically adjusted, helping to prevent accidents related to fatigue.

This new safety feature has thus far been limited to the luxury vehicle market but will soon be a standard safety component in all vehicles. This has created the need for an assembly and calibration system that can adapt to a variety of form factors, as each vehicle platform requires a unique sensor assembly.

Sterner Automation has been given this challenge and is proud to announce the delivery of its fourth generation adaptive cruise control assembly cell.

By working with our customer to continuously improve the assembly process, Sterner Automation has successfully designed a lean manufacturing cell that will adapt to future sensor designs and minimize the cost of calibrating new products in the future.

To be successful at providing calibration and assembly equipment to the automotive safety and electronics industry, a company requires engineering expertise, excellent service and commitment to quality. Take advantage of our experience and partner with Sterner Automation on your next electronics project.


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