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Robotic Micro-Measurement of MEMS Sensors

Despite a struggling global economy, the demand for micro-electronic mechanical systems (MEMS) is predicted to grow at 17% over the next five years. Innovative technologies like ESC (Electronic Stability Control - are helping to drive the demand for these devices.

Sterner Automation has recently completed a MEMS project for ESC, involving the test, calibration and re-packaging of a micro-gyroscope. One of the challenges involved with this project was the measurement of the co-planarity of the device leads. Integration of the device into vehicle electronics requires the leads to be co-planar to micron level accuracy and Sterner Automation needed to deliver a system with this unique capability.

Cycle time for test and calibration of the MEMS sensor was a critical factor; therefore the co-planarity measurement was done “on-the-fly” during robotic handling. This minimized cycle time but presented some unique challenges. Chip lead dimensions were being measured faster than the laser sensor’s dynamic gain. Also, the repeatability of the robotic path was in the same magnitude as the measurement accuracy needed.

Complex algorithms were engineered to process the data, enabling the measurement to be done with virtually no added cycle time. Sterner Automation, an expert in robotic handling, micro-measurement and data processing is pleased with the success of this project, which enabled its customer to reach its return on investment at an accelerated rate.


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