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Intelligent Assembly

Sterner Automation is proud to offer a wide variety of manual assembly error proofing solutions. Sterner Automation’s error proofing solutions suit a wide variety of budgets and processes. Our products range from single operation poka yoke tools to comprehensive assembly stations including graphical work instructions.

The igentic® 531i assembly station is an ideal solution for complex and high value assembly processes. The elevated level of assembly supervision not only ensures proper assembly but also reduces training costs, scrap costs and rework. Integrated traceability allows assembly data to be stored, analyzed and tracked for quality control.

While the igentic® 531i provides complete assembly control, less complex assemblies may only require control of problem areas. For the management of one or two assembly steps, the Smart-Control series provides error proofing for a variety of applications. Smart-Control products include Smart-Arm, Smart-String, Hyper-Torque, Smart-Bins and Bit-Blocks. Mix and match these components to provide torque select, tool control, assembly step sequencing and component select control to your assembly process.


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