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LED Color and Intensity Measurement

Sterner Automation is proud to announce a new solution for light intensity and color measurement of LEDs. Our low cost LED measurement system, previously only available on our igenticĀ® series of electronics testers, is now available for integration into quality and test equipment.

The Sterner Automation LED Measurement System is composed of two module types. The first module type, the Sensor Array Module (SAM), is mounted at each LED location. Its purpose is to collect the LED light and transmit the data to the second module, the Data Processing and Measurement Unit, or DPMU.

The DPMU can control and communicate with multiple SAMs. Data from each SAM unit is gathered over a local network and processed using digital signal processing techniques. Results of the measurements are provided in HSL (Hue, Saturation and Lightness) format and are communicated via RS-232 or USB to a host controller.

The Sterner Automation LED color and intensity measurement system provides significant cost savings when compared with color vision systems, the standard device used to measure LED color and brightness. Not only does the hardware come at a reduced price, but the need for a PC and vision programming is removed, further decreasing project costs.


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