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igentic® 421t – Dial Table Odd-Form PCB Functional Tester

Sterner Automation provides a solution for the functional testing of odd-form PCBs with the igentic® 421t. This dial table functional tester was designed for low volume high mix PCB manufacturing environments. Quick change SMED capable fixtures and robotic end of arm tooling allow the machine to test a variety of products with little or no changeover downtime. With flexibility designed into the machine, future testing requirements can be met with reduced effort and lowered capital costs.

LED colour measurement, micro-switch function & height, in-circuit resistance and pin to pin shorts are just some of the functional tests that may be designed into the tester. System robotics move functional end of arm tooling to an unlimited number of component locations. This allows for a wider range of products to be tested on a single machine, accelerating return on investment.

Invest in a flexible solution today and enjoy the benefits of reduced testing costs for years to come.


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